FAQ of silk products

Why should I spend all that extra money to purchase silk bedding?
That is a great question and if you are looking to purchase silk sheets for the first time then this purchase can definitely be a tough one. However, once you buy silk sheets... you will never sleep in anything ever again.silk has a lot of benefits.

1Good for skin and health:silk contains proteins which is consisted of amino,amido and so on Hydrophic water elements.these things could increase vitality of the cell,prevent the situation of vascular sclerosis,nourish the skins.
2ultraviolet rays proof:the aminoacetic acid,tyrosine,tryptophan in silk yarn has the function of ultraviolet rays proof.to some extent,it could effectively prevent the radiation of ultraviolet rays to reduce the possibility of getting cutaneum carcinoma greatly.
3Absorption of dust mites,antimicrobial:
Silk yarn is moisture absorption ,It could make the skin relieve sweat quickly,absorb metabolic carbon dioxide.silk contains sericin which could prevent the mite and moulds breed,This element is also good for you if you are suffering from allergies.
4Anti wrinkles and anti aging: silk contains lysine,leucine which could speed up the metabolism of the surface of the skin,increase the skins flexibility.silk cotains threonine and
Serine which could improve blood circulation and prevent  the situation of xerosis cutis and wrinkled skin to delay the senility of skin.

Where does 100% mulberry silk come from?
The process of making silk bedding is really interesting.Mulberry silk, which is the best silk, comes from the Bombyx mori moth. Most silk comes from harvested silkworms. They are fed mulberry leaves like crazy because mulberry produces the finest silk. When the worm changes into it's moth state, it will create a massive silk cocoon.The cocoon is what's used to create the silk fabric.

What the difference between your silk bedding and others and why the price difference?
This is a really good question because there is a big difference and it's important to know about. Even if you don't have the budget to purchase silk sheets
right now, don't buy sheets that are silk blends or say they are silk when they are only cheap satin sheets.
First off, our silk sheets are real 100% pure mulberry silk... the very best and we have the best relationship in the business and can even do custom sheets..
If you are looking at silk blend sheets than you should stay away. Not only are most blends much weaker in their design so they fall apart, but when you take other fabrics and mix it with silk, you lose all the great benefits of silk bedding.

What's the difference between seamed silk sheets and seamless silk sheets?
These seams are not very noticeable when you sleep but they are there to accommodate the different sizes of our beds. And there is 2-3 pieces of silk fabrics sewn together.
Seamless silk sheets do exist but they are much more expensive。Its totally made from a whole silk fabrics.
 We  highly suggest you just go with the seamed silk. It's not going to disrupt your sleep and you will definitely save some money. The silk itself is exactly the same... 100% pure mulberry 19 mm silk.Of course we also have seamless sheets with printing and dyeing.


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