About Us

Townssilk is our brands name,we are located in shengze town suzhou city which has a reputation of silk town since thousands of years ago in China.So here it comes from.
We are a direct producer of silk related products which has more than 20 years experience on making silk products.so we have better understanding about what customers really need.after working with several luxury silk brands abroad,we decide to sell to our customers directly,because there is several reasons:
1 we can offer affordable price for our customers.
2 we can have better understanding about their needs and quick communication makes the whole selling process quicker.
3 we carry the largest colors ranges around 18 colors of 19mm silk,and around 8 colors of 25mm silk,and 5 colors of 19mm seamless range.and different seamless printing styles.
Collection de TownsSilk
Our products range includes silk duvet covers,silk quilts,silk pillowcases,silk flat sheets,silk fitted sheets,silk eye covers,silk sleeping hats,silk masks,silk pillows comes in a range of colours, including black,chocolate,ivory,white,navy blue,royal blue,ice blue,gold,ice cream,turquoise blue,sage green,purple,pink,coral,silver,graphite(suits color),claret,.and printing ,25mm wegiht silk.
We offer several types of duvet covers and pillowcases,including styles of zipper ,buttons, and to sheets,we have seams and seamless for your selection.Our silk products are easy to care for and our silk sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are all machine washable(silk circle).All our townssilk products pass the certificate of ISO9001,Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and NEFT (National Environment Fibre Test).
Using the dyeing factory which passes the Oeko-Tex standard.
Full money-back guarantee
Our website uses the latest security technology, so you can buy with absolute confidence. Most of products (expect custom made products with special sizes)are 100% money back guaranteed within seven days since you receive our products.but you have to shoulder the deliver ycost

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