Silk care

Taking Care of Townssilk Grade A Mulberry Silk:Sheets and Pillowcases
Townssilk is 100% grade A mulberry silk. It's the finest on the Internet and we offer over 18 colors. Townssilk
Our sheets are weaved in a satin weave. It's a strong weave making these silk sheets one of a kind. You'll find the lustrous sheen on one side and the classic dull finish on the other.
Caring rules: silk is unlike the lower quality polyester, cotton, linen materials, please cut fingernails to avoid ripping the silk products, during washing.
Washing rules
1 please use Silky lotion detergent or branded shampoo to wash.
2 concerning silk's fading colors character, please wash the silk products alone.
3 using cold water,hand washing or machine washing with gentle circle or silk circle.
4 Dry the silk products naturally ,keep these away from sunshine,shinning sun will make the silk fabrics colors get faded quickly.
5 after drying the silk products naturally for 50% around from wetting ,you can flick the products and make it smooth.


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