Silk benifits

1 Good for skin and health:silk contains proteins which is consisted of amino,amido and so on Hydrophic water elements.these things could increase vitality of the cell,prevent the situation of vascular sclerosis,nourish the skins.
2 ultraviolet rays proof:the aminoacetic acid,tyrosine,tryptophan in silk yarn has the function of ultraviolet rays some extent,it could effectively prevent the radiation of ultraviolet rays to reduce the possibility of getting cutaneum carcinoma greatly.
3 Absorption of dust mites,antimicrobial:
Silk yarn is moisture absorption ,It could make the skin relieve sweat quickly,absorb metabolic carbon contains sericin which could prevent the mite and moulds breed,This element is also good for you if you are suffering from allergies.
4 anti wrinkles and anti aging: silk contains lysine,leucine which could speed up the metabolism of the surface of the skin,increase the skins cotains threonine and
Serine which could improve blood circulation and prevent  the situation of xerosis cutis and wrinkled skin to delay the senility of skin.  


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